Talk About a System that ISN’T Working…and Why?


So, United Airlines takes a passenger who’s sitting in a seat he paid for and knocks out a couple of his teeth in dragging him off the plane, just ’cause it can, you know. It’s yet another egregious example of systems in our society that no longer serve the customer (except a whipping!) and rather serve themselves.

The glamor of air travel has long since been replaced by a cattle-car model that feeds the greed of the industry literally at the passenger’s expense. That we customers pay, and pay handsomely, to be abused by the airlines is reason enough to wonder how the hell all this came to be.

But when the decision is made by the powers that be to forcibly remove a paying customer, and do him serious physical harm, rather than pony up enough dollars to attract someone into giving up their seat, we have an egregious example of whether it is the dollar or the customer that drives the current business model of corporate decision-makers.

Maybe we should take a look at European airlines for an example of how it can be done, and done much better. Take a ride here


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