Center for the New Northwest: playbook

We are about change. Big change, small change, spare change. Whatever. Everything we post here is meant to point out our realities and suggest ways we might make them better if we’re willing to change.


We believe that solutions we want should determine the systems we use, rather than the other way around. Today, many of the systems that tie together our society have become a self-licking ice cream cone. They serve themselves and we, the customers, serve them. The solutions they provide profit them rather than the customer.

We want to talk about changing that construct. We’d like to take some of these sacred cows and turn them on their heads.

We are posting a short series of essays about these rotated bovines to see what they might look like here.




  1. This us great Jim! Another force for good administered a good man.
    Great information source and an inspiration for others to join in or do similar good. Bravo Jim!

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