CNNW playbook: page one


We’d like to talk about capitalism. Late stage capitalism. A highly evolved system in the final throes of exploitation. We’d like to turn it upside down and see what it could look like if we went about it differently.

Our free enterprise system today has the look of stalagmites rising from the floor of a cave. There are individual spires of financial success rising ever higher. The mass of humanity is the massive floor that supports them. It’s not moving much at all.

Redistribution of income flows from the poor to the rich. Yet we continue to target the spires rather than the support system when we want to stimulate the economy. The rich already know how to make money (or to inherit it). Maybe they don’t need more incentives. Let’s think about raising the floor.


Here’s an idea: why don’t we focus on the poor and see how far we can elevate their economic circumstances? Capitalism is about people spending money. Why don’t we get more money in the hands of the poor and let them spend it? What do you suppose would happen?

There are, in fact, some examples of what has happened when the basic needs of the poor are met. You can read about one of them here and here.





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