No Kill Meat

Big agriculture feeds the world. The energy industry keeps it lighted, warmed, cooled and mobile. Together they supply our most basic needs. In the process, both of them do tremendous damage to the natural world.

The energy required to produce meat, beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, is no small matter. Neither is the havoc wrecked on our environment by livestock production.

The methane generated by animal flatulence and waste is estimated to comprise forty percent of that pollutant in the atmosphere. Add to that the carbon footprint of birthing, raising, feeding, slaughtering, packaging and transporting it, the overgrazing of public lands, the visual and olfactory offense of feedlots, not to mention the compromised quality of the animals’ lives, and the price of putting meat on the table is pretty steep.


If veganism isn’t an acceptable alternative, science may be about to provide us a way to have our meat and eat it too, so to speak. Read about it here.






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