Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Center for the New Northwest provides a forum for the exchange of ideas based on accurate information so that we can anticipate change and make smart decisions in shaping the future of our communities.

Vision Statement and Values

At Center for the New Northwest, we believe the inevitability of change should be welcomed and embraced as a pathway to shaping the future.

We believe that people who are given good information and the chance for an open exchange of ideas will make smart decisions about what they want their lives and their communities to be.

We advocate for public policy, not for politicians. We look for ideas and vision that can guide the next generation of leaders.

We are looking for solutions, not sloganeering. We believe those solutions are based in our common humanity and not in an us-or-them choosing of sides.

We want those solutions to determine the systems we use to bind our communities together, rather than accepting systems that determine the solutions we are bound to.

Think banking, communication, economy, education, energy, entertainment, politics, religion, and transportation. Think about all the systems we rely on. Are they serving your needs? How might they be better?

Think about what works for you and what you work for.

We believe an inflection point is coming. We want to be prepared.