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In Montana Manners Matter

In fishing manners matter. It’s true today as it was 40 years ago when this story took place. One thing you never do is cross another fisherman’s line. You also don’t slip in upriver from where a fisherman’s working. Fly-fishers work on upriver after trout and stay out of each other’s way to the greatest degree Read More

Getting High is Energy Intensive

According to an article in the March 8, 2017 edition of Energize Weekly, it takes a formidable amount of energy to get high. Lessons learned from the burgeoning marijuana industry: The paradigm of marijuana legalization across the country will have profound impacts and consequences on power operations and electricity consumption. Following the election of November 2016, Read More

Politics in Theatre

Intelligence is the third in Arena Stage’s Power Plays initiative—a ten-year plan to commission twenty-five plays, one for each decade of American history, about power and politics. Deputy Artistic Director Seema Sueko told me that the initiative was the result of Artistic Director Molly Smith “having her ears, eyes, and heart open to the heartbeat of Read More

Red Governors and Blue Governors are Green Governors

A group of the nation’s governors from both major political parties sent a clear message to the Trump Administration about the value of renewable energy — not only as a means of mitigating climate change but also as a profound economic driver in rural America. Listen up, policy makers, and read about it here

Arts in the Time of Trump

Whither the arts under our current Administration? Harvey Young in HowlRound argues that the outlook may not be as bad as we might fear, and concludes with this statement: “In this Age of Trump, my hope is that we collectively can lobby for continued (and, perhaps, increased) arts funding, advocate for the creation of socially Read More

EPA Objects to Secretary Pruitt

Former and current employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency expressed opposition to President Donald Trump’s pick to run the agency on Monday – in an open letter and a small street protest – reflecting divisions over the new administration’s plans to slash regulation. Over 400 former EPA staff members sent a letter to the Read More

American Activism

Sage observations from a veteran activist: Nonviolent resistance does not happen overnight or automatically. It requires an informed and prepared public, keen to the strategy and dynamics of its political power. Although nonviolent campaigns often begin with a committed and experienced core, successful ones enlarge the diversity of participants, maintain nonviolent discipline and expand the Read More

Status Quo – NOT!

credit: Kara Q. Lewis How do you feel about the status quo? Business as usual. The same old same old? Our new president is taking a lot of credit for shaking up the status quo in Washington, D.C., but one would prefer creative destruction as opposed to the mayhem he’s inflicting on the system. The Read More

Small Wall or Big Wall?

Very disappointing that our newly elected president is thinking small. A wall between the U.S. and Mexico should be only the beginning. With a little courage and a couple of $hundred billion more, we could build a wall around our entire country! credit: here Think of it! We can keep out the Asians, the Canadians, Read More