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World Population Through History

Our world is rife with problems. Many of them, some would say most of them, are related to the earth’s burgeoning population. A fascinating look at the growth of population world-wide from humankind’s earliest days to the present can be found HERE.

Infrastructure Blues

Infrastructure, the stuff that ties the vast reaches of our country together, powers our homes and businesses, stores our water and delivers it to where we need it, and enables us to get from one place to another, receives another poor grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Ain’t quite a total failure but Read More

Whither the Jobs? Robots on the March!

Will robots replace humans in performing most of the jobs that now provide paychecks for the majority of workers? If so, when? And what will be the fate of those workers once they’re out of work? The Economist offers an interesting look at the subject here.

When You Really Want to Get On Down the Road

Rocketing from one star system to another like Captain Kirk and the crew has any number of physical problems to overcome. Which is not to say it can’t be done. In fact, there is some high level academic speculation that someone may already be doing it. Story HERE

Floating Cities of the Future

What to do about climate change? There are any number of thoughtful responses to mitigating the problem, and some more fanciful plans for dealing with it and moving on. The impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities can be explored here One proposed response can be seen here Will all the coastal cities of Read More