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Consumerizing Blame

Recently, a friend was passing out those little curlicue florescent light bulbs, the type that every hotel now uses. She said we all needed to start using them because of climate change. They save a lot of energy precisely because they give off so damn little light. All we need to do is learn to Read More

Center for the New Northwest: playbook

We are about change. Big change, small change, spare change. Whatever. Everything we post here is meant to point out our realities and suggest ways we might make them better if we’re willing to change. We believe that solutions we want should determine the systems we use, rather than the other way around. Today, many Read More

Talk About a System that ISN’T Working…and Why?

So, United Airlines takes a passenger who’s sitting in a seat he paid for and knocks out a couple of his teeth in dragging him off the plane, just ’cause it can, you know. It’s yet another egregious example of systems in our society that no longer serve the customer (except a whipping!) and rather Read More

Infrastructure Blues

Infrastructure, the stuff that ties the vast reaches of our country together, powers our homes and businesses, stores our water and delivers it to where we need it, and enables us to get from one place to another, receives another poor grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Ain’t quite a total failure but Read More

When You Really Want to Get On Down the Road

Rocketing from one star system to another like Captain Kirk and the crew has any number of physical problems to overcome. Which is not to say it can’t be done. In fact, there is some high level academic speculation that someone may already be doing it. Story HERE

Cornhuskers Hunt Deere

Thinking about systems that come to serve themselves rather than their customers can uncover a lot of egregious examples. Here’s the latest assault on the family farmer by Big Ag: Kyle Schwarting is a 36 year old farmer in Nebraska who likes to take care of things himself. He’s self-reliant and doesn’t take kindly to Read More

Reclaiming a Healthy Economy

Wall Street has come to rely not on interest from loans for its profits but on short-term trading, at the expense of almost everything else. The damage done in the name of capitalism and meritocracy to our current economic circumstances can be traced to the wealth-making wizardry of Wall Street on steroids. Imagine methamphetamines as Read More


Systems permeate our lives What do they do for your life? What do you do for them? Self-Licking Ice Cream Caught Live. Read About It Now! Systems permeate our lives. They are the connective tissue that hold society together. To a very large degree, they dictate the way we live. As they evolve, change and become more Read More