Radical Radio

FREEFORM radio made possible the classic era of rock music. Some called it Underground radio, but FREEFORM was a better name. Radio without walls. No restriction to one or another genre. Freedom to play what you wanted from the entire catalogue of recorded music. It wasn’t Top 40 anymore.

Without FREEFORM radio, that period of absolutely staggering creativity in rock music might never have happened. A lot fewer people would have known about it and had the pleasure of being there when it happened. FREEFORM radio changed the music business and let the counterculture dominate popular culture for years to come.

We are preserving the story of FREEFORM radio told by the people who made it happen. An archive called Radical Radio: FREEFORM Radio Archive is under construction. It’s broadcasting history in honor of those people and their colleagues. 

WE have successfully acquired the domain name www.radicalradio.media, which is where the FREEFORM Archive will be located. It will go “live” by Thanksgiving 2022, an appropriate day to launch, we believe. If it’s delayed, Black Friday will be the alternative start, and maybe few can be an alternative once again to rampant commerce.

Freedom on the airwaves let loose remarkable artistry. We have:

More than three dozen video interviews with the people who made FREEFORM radio happen;

80 hours of on-air shows exactly as they were originally broadcast, culled from reel to reel tapes and converted into clear, clean audio files;

20 live-cast concerts performed by artists like Bonnie Raitt, Tom Rush, Willis Alan Ramsey, the Doobie Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Big Mama Thornton, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Tommy Bolin Trio, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Zephyr, and others.

We want you to join us in making this archive a living testament to a unique and powerful period of creativity in the arts.

Please choose a level of support that enables us to join together in celebrating and preserving this remarkable moment in history.

Your donation to our 501(c) 3 non-profit organization is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

FREEFORM will be a living document where the story of that remarkable time is told. It is housed on-line in a website available to the public where the biographies of the great radio deejays and live recordings of their work can be had with the click of your keyboard. Included will be:

80 hours of FREEFORM radio shows converted to state of the art digital files

a “greatest hits” compendium of live cast performances 

a narrative compilation of insights, observations, and great stories from video interviews with the people who made freeform radio happen …

and much more …

including this very cool t-shirt for major donors:

FREEFORM Radio Archive t-shirt (front)


FREEFORM Radio Archive t-shirt (back)

Please join us in making this exciting tribute to FREEFORM radio happen!