Turtle Island

Anthropology and related artwork.


  • Big Questions
    Here’s a fascinating study of human origins, migration, and the development of language that derives from new techniques for capturing DNA from our prehistoric relatives. The sweep of evolution from Olduvai Gorge, though the migrations that eventually populated the world, and all the languages that were developed to communicate the experience, are the stuff of great Read More
  • Artistry
    Art and artistry. Thank the gods and goddesses for blessing us so. Can’t imagine life without it. So many problems in this world of ours. Nothing but bad news. Gloom and doom. A global pandemic. Government everywhere in crisis. One American political party in the grip of a madman. The other in a maelstrom of Read More
  • South of Turtle Island
    When I was a young man with a serious interest in the indigenous peoples of North America, the accepted theory of their origins was that they came from Siberia across the Bering Land Bridge about 12,500 years ago. Proposed origin dates before that time were dismissed by academics, but gradually we are coming to have Read More
  • Turtle Island Then and Now
    Turtle Island was a name many Algonquin tribes gave this land we now call North America. They described themselves as baby turtles riding the back of the mother turtle swimming through the sea. It’s worth noting that Turtle Mountain rises up in the exact center of the continent, just south and west of Lake Winnipeg, Read More