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Prosperity Kills

Is your prosperity killing people? All the glorious benefits of making it in the free enterprise system, where there are no limits on what you can make nor what you spend it on, has become a blood sport. Making and spending are the crux of climate change, which is killing people by the thousands.  Too Read More

Want to Get Away From It All?

This man did, for 27 years, without human contact. He didn’t have a plan, he wasn’t running from anything. He just headed into the woods one day and stayed there for nearly 3 decades. A fascinating story here.    

A Radical Solution to a Pervasive Problem

Homelessness in America is pervasive. Not a city anywhere in the country is free of the pain. The specter of people living on the streets is heart-wrenching. It’s also very expensive. Maybe society has a compelling self-interest in addressing the problem. Maybe it’s time to admit that homelessness is a healthcare problem. Political leadership in Read More