1. These are matters that intelligent people do not want to discuss. And that is very sad. We must send data to our brains to remind us of the future we are building. And the fear that keeps us distanced from reality is not necessarily the only future possible.
    Last month, during our Oregonian heat wave, we were able to leave our air conditioning and air scrubber turned on 24/7.
    We maintained a room to room temperature of 75degrees while the outside temperature plodded along over 110 degrees. Our electric bill was $53; the air conditioning was primarily paid for by the 6 panels on our roof. We are not sure what they cost us to install, because we put them in when city, country, and county offered us rebates….we didn’t go broke. The battery in the garage was expensive but, when the power “goes down” we still have a working refrigerator in the garage, and a live plug for the RV, which sits outside with working heat and air conditioning, and keeps the well pump working to send us water, but not to the house…just to a jug or a bottle. We could actually close down our oversized house and live in comfort.

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